Home design is permanent stuff. Once you have found something what passing to your needs - your home becomes cozy and suitable for comfort life. Though design costs a lot....
Not with us.

Looking for the furniture part exactly like you’ve seen somewhere? Or designing your room in your favourite style and colors? We have saved for you plenty of modern and antiques furniture, built-in cabinets, tables, beds and kids furniture and accessories. Styling your home today is easier with us. Save time and money. We have all you need in one place.

At our store you will find used and new furniture at affordable prices:

  • dining rooms: tables, chairs
  • living rooms: sofas, coffee tables, living room entertainment sets, cabinets, showcases, glass cabinets
  • Bedrooms: beds, wardrobes
  • children's rooms: beds, wardrobes, chairs
  • shelves ,racks, desks, chairs
  • chest ,dresser, commodes
  • and other unique pieces